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Info For Forum Members

Firstly, welcome to offroad80s, Im sure you'll get plenty of usefull (and not so usefull) information from this site. Firstly, there are some Site Rules that you should be familar with. If you have any urgent issues then PM myself or one of the moderators.
There are a few things on this forum that are different to others, these are:

:arrow: As a new member your first 2 posts will be subject to moderator approval before they are displayed on the forum. During this period you will also not be able to download files from the forum. Once you reach 2 posts you are free to post as normal. This is mainly to minimise spam posting and to ensure new users are posting in the right sections.

:arrow: Home Page: Contains news relating to the site that is posted up by either myself or the other moderators. Any items posted up there can be replied to by registared users. Also has links for help topics that are related to the forum. The home page can be found here

:arrow: Help Pages:If your stuck with something on the forum, check out our howto pages. We will cover everything from the basics like "how to post a topic or reply" to the more complex topics like BBcode. Goto the new starters help pages for more topics

:arrow: Usergroups : Here at offroad80s there are more forum sections than you can normally see. In order to keep the forum from appearing too large to first time users there are several sections that are hidden. To be able to view them you need to join the associated "usergroup". Each Australian state has its own usergroup, by joining a usergroup your user name changes to the colour allocated to that group. Also when you join your states forum will be visable to you, which is good to use as a general local chat area.
Recently after a bit of forum discussion we have also added a 100 series tech section (this maybe expanded to other landcruiser sections in the future).
So, how do you join a Usergroup? Read on:
How to join a usergroup:
:arrow: First up you need to click on your User Control Panel(UCP) in the top right of the screen.
:arrow: Second find the Usergroups tab and click on it
:arrow: 3rd find the usergroup you want to join and click the button on the right. Go down to the bottom and make sure the drop down menu shows join selected and then click submit, simple.
:arrow: The usergroup leader will need to approve your application to finish the proccess. Once this happens the extra forum/s that are linked to that usergroup will be available to you to read and post in.
:arrow: You can join as many usergroups as you wish
:arrow: If you want to be added to a user group but still dont know how, PM "shanegtr" and he can add you.The moderators also have a group and you can find any of the mods by clicking on the moderator usergroup
:arrow: If your username colour has not changed when you join a state forum and you would like it to, then shoot a PM to "shanegtr"

:arrow: Reputation function: You may have noticed the reputation points on everyones details under there avatar. If someone does something good then you can give them a positive reputation point, if someone pisses you off then you can give them a negative point. You can leave a comment, however it is not required if you dont want to add one. The username of the person who left the point is also visable to the person reciving it so you cant leave abusive comments and get away with it. You can leave reputation points for other members once you have 15 posts under your belt. All users can view another users comments by viewing there profile.

:arrow: Uploading images/files: Registered users can upload images to the forum. We have several options available to you to add your photos. Please see the following write up to assit in uploading photos and or files:
How add photos to your posts:
:arrow: A popular option is to link photos from photo hosting websites like photobucket etc.. Look for the IMG tags around your uploaded photo and paste it into the message body. You should end up with something like this:

Photobucket is handy if your posting your images to several forums as the codes are easily added to all forums.
:arrow: Uploading to the forum allows you to add several file types. File size of 256k is limited to the following image extensions : bmb, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tga and tif
File size of 10mb is available for the following popular files : ace, gtar, gz, rar, tar, zip, txt, ai, doc, dot, pdf, ppt, ps, xls, avi, wma.
There are a few more files that are able to be uploaded, but these are the most common ones. Users are limited at the moment to 10 files per post. If you need more then you'll need to make a new reply to your thread.
:arrow: Another method of uploading you images to the forum is via your user profile. In order to go to your user profile you'll need to go to your browser address bar and add your username where circled in the below screen shot.
Or you can shortcut to it by scrolling to the bottom of the page and finding your user name in the who is online section and click on it
This will bring up your user profile which is visable to all registered users.
Clicking the add photos link will bring up this page:
Once uploaded the page will return to the upload page:
Once your photo is uploaded you can see its details by clicking on the image thumbnail. First you'll have to go to your photo page:
When you click on an image you'll get this page:
Note that using the BBcode directly will bring up the photo in a post as a thumbnail. This can be overcome by copying the image address directly by right clicking on it and using that address between
tags - ask if you get stuck with that last method. The BBcode can also be used on other forums when uploading your images this way.

Whichever method you choose is totally up to each user

:arrow: Dropbox: This is the shared drive that is available through If you would like more info on the dropbox, there is further reading here

:arrow: The Polling Booth: There is a weekly poll that is posted up most Thursday's. Registared users can vote in this poll which the results are also found on the home page. We get some interesting results so put in your vote. This is also the place to post up any of your own polls that you may like to post up.

:arrow: Members FAP This is for links within the forum of usefull posts. It is worth looking here for commonly asked problems as it helps keep old threads usefull and upto date instead of being lost somewhere in the system. The FAP page link can be found just under the site logo here

:arrow: Advertising on Offroad80s If you run or know someone who runs a buisness who would like a free plug, then send me a PM. We have an Offroad80s members products section for this purpose. It dosent have to be related to the 80 series to be worthy, all I ask is that you think about offering a special deal to our members in exchange for the free plug. All businesses that have a website can be setup so the forum will link to your website and I will also post up a link on the home page. If you would like it we can also setup a forum just for your product or business in this section.

:arrow: If anyone has any further questions on how to do anything within the forum that may help new users here then please ask away, but first check the Frequently Asked Questions page and the BBcode Guide You just might find your answer.